Friday, May 6, 2011

Beautiful week.....

You know how there are certain moments in life that are so beautiful that they move you to tears?  This week was full of those.  It would take too long to list each amazing event but one of my favorites was tonight.  Two minutes after Lucas left for work Emily got a splinter in her hand that was DEEP and a half an inch long.  Emily started panicing and so we said a quick prayer together to calm us both down :)  Hannah was watching this whole episode so I asked her to look at the splinter; which Emily accepted much better than mommy looking at it.  As Hannah looked Emily completely calmed down and asked if she could pull the splinter out herself.  I was all for that idea!  Hannah then offered to read some scripture out loud while Emmie worked on the splinter.  So, my Hannah pulled out her Bible and started reading the Psalm that she read yesterday in Psalms time.  As Hannah read Psalms 27 Emily dug the entire splinter out without even whimpering. 

My girls are AWESOME!!!!

I realize that splinters are insignificant in the grand scheme of life but my girls are learning to come along side and comfort one another when one of them is in distress or pain.   Hannah knew the greatest comfort she could offer her sister came from the Great Comforter. 

My girls grew up tonight and it was beautiful to watch.