Sunday, April 17, 2011

Goals for the week!

Last week was a little off due to the fact that we had our kitchen painted and moved out for two days!  This week I am hoping to jump back into our schedule.  Also, I just joined a group that's reading through the gospels in 90 days.  After reading through the entire bible in 60 days it seems easy to read through the gospels in 90 days.  However, I am looking forward to a more in depth study of the bible instead of a concentrated overview.

My goals for this week are:

1. Start reading through the gospels doing my SOAP devotional everyday.
2. Read a Psalm before bed every night and keep a prayer journal.
3. Read a Proverb every morning with my coffee :)
4. Keep Psalms time going with my kiddos.
5. Work on establishing my laundry day, kitchen day, errand day, etc...
6. Start an afternoon chore time with my kiddos.

Most of these things I do to some degree now but not with any consistency. Having my goals written down makes me more likely to actually follow through!!!

1 comment:

  1. Those are great goals!

    I think I am going to write some of my own, though since my blog has become a business blog, I am going to start another personal one...

    Thank you for being great! I am so blessed to know you.